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General catalog

Tewis 2021-2022

Sutainable refrigeration against climate change. Spanish, English and Portuguese versions.

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Tewis Refrigeration Price list 2023

Commercial refrigeration price list 2023, Spanish and Portuguese version. ES PT

TEWIS tríptico corporativo

Corporate brochure

We show you at a glance who we are and what we can offer you in cold and climate with retail, commercial and industrial solutions. ES-EN  



Compact mini-units, with a footprint of less than 1 m2, highly competitive for the generation of cold with CO2 in a transcritical cycle. ES   EN

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Refrigeration system that takes up very little space and is used in a wide variety of solutions, with a minimal environmental footprint, both in CO2 and HFC. ES EN

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Compact unit widely equipped for the generation of cold with CO2 in transcritical cycle or HFC. ES EN


Compact unit widely equipped for the generation of cold with CO2 in transcritical cycle or HFC. ES EN


Smart Rack

The most flexible compact unit from Tewis. Optimized design and dimensions facilitate installation and maintenance. ES   EN

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The GM range with R455 (A2L) has huge advantages for the tightest of spaces. Completely safe and standardized products with rapid response capacity and maximum efficiency. ES EN

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ZEAS condensing unit for medium and low temperature refrigeration, saving energy with complete equipment. Silent operation. ES EN

Conveni Pack

Low noise compact system for refrigeration and air conditioning with heat recovery. ES EN


Condensing units CO2 GCU/HCU

GCU-PXB1 / HCU-PXB1 inverter condensing units for refrigeration with transcritical CO2, very compact and suitable for outdoor location, easy to install and with a large number of technical innovations. ES   EN


Smart Duplex 

They offer the highest powers for the commercial refrigeration range with CO2 in 2 temperatures MT and LT. Double space machines with reduced dimensions and up to 9 compressors. Optionally they can include up to 3 exchangers and 1 compressor in parallel. ES   EN



System that increases the efficiency of any CO2 system. Reduces optimum operating pressure. Uses a dedicated compressor that replaces the parallel compressor and acts as mechanical subcooling, using only CO2.  ES   EN   FR

TEWIS gama de producto

Tewis product range

A summary of the different product families available as standard product and its main applications. ES

TEWIS Global Market Solutions

Global Market Solutions

GM Pack, GM Split y GM Custom. Solutions for refrigeration, freezing and air conditioning for shops and supermarkets. ES EN

TEWIS Soluciones Industriales

Industrial Solutions

Racks designed for maximum efficiency in refrigeration and industrial freezing installations. ES EN

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