Our technology and experience

To the service of every project

Tewis offer customised solutions based on the integration of several systems like: refrigeration, HVAC, A/C, ACS, Illumination and Immotic for centralised technical management, reaching a better efficiency and an improved energy saving for the installations.

Opening of establishments and legalisation of facilities

In our projects we have as priority F-Gas regulatory compliance (EU 517/2004, on fluorinated greenhouse gases) Along with the use of refrigerants, fluorinated gases, with low GWP (ley 16/2013: measures in the field of environmental taxation and other taxes) before the opening of facilities.

Standardisation and savings

Our production processes and design of installations, makes us experts to carry out projects of standard form of easy application in different establishments of the same chain or brand.

Comfort Cold-Air conditioning

With the heat recovery system of the refrigeration units and using the R-513A a very important energy saving is achieved with respect to a conventional installation, as well as a pleasant comfort in various areas of the supermarket.

Domotic: Energy saving, supervision and security

The integration of the whole system of refrigeration, climate, energy and lighting of the store in the Tewis domestic system, allows the monitoring of the installations remotely and can configure the alarms to reach the receiver that is designated.

Case Study

In this section you can download the documentation who describes in more detail some of the projects fulfilled by Tewis.

NH3 + CO2

Cooling tunnel with natural refrigerants.

 NH3 rack

Winery and Winery Cooperative.

CO2 cascade chiller

Hypermarket with cascade unit and chiller CO2 + R450


Cooling tunnel with technology CH: CO2 + R134a