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Specialists in cold, control and energy efficiency

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We are specialists in comercial & industrial cold, Air Conditioning, control and energy efficiency.

We know that the best way to study an installation is watching all over 360°, analysing every little case of the client priorities: energy consumption, performance, easy maintenance or standardisation ; and to know which one is the best technology to achieve this goal.

We do not conceive a refrigeration solution without a centralized control system or a close collaboration with professionals who guarantee a good installation and correct maintenance.


Gama de Productos Tewis

Key points for a sustainable installation


  • Reliability & control.

  • TEWI Index reduction.

  • Plug and Play.

  • Easy after market.

  • Maximise energy efficiency.

  • F-Gas UE 517/2004 regulation

  • Control & remote management integration.

  • Free Cooling + Air Quality.





We develop custom software to manage each installation

We offer value

We have our own laboratories to experiment with new technologies that allow us to achieve greater efficiency in the facilities and to offer each customer customized solutions.

We invest in R&D to offer new systems on the theoretical and practical studies on new technologies application.

The Tewis proposals differ from the traditional proposals of the sector making possible a substantial reduction in investment costs and an easy control of the cost of running the installation.

We integrate in our units the most advanced systems of monitoring & control, easily accessed online, and who allow to display the states, alarms, unit values in real time and generate graphics in view of an energy audit.

We have fully integrated tools in the facilities through which we can control, even telematically both the cold equipment and the installation as a whole.

The speed of action that these systems allow, has a very positive impact on the energy savings of the system and avoid product losses since it is possible to maintain the cold chain without interruptions.

The SAT, Technical Support Assistance, and the technical bureau are at you disposal at each stage of the process to offer the support needed for every project of refrigeration & Air Conditioning.


  • We provide you with technical advice from the beginning.
  • We defend always the best solution next to the client & installer.
  • We assist our clients during deployment and start-up.
  • We are still at your service over the lifetime of the installation.

We are committed to all of our units maintenance: we use the components available on the market, easily reachable and easy to replace.

We produce with high quality standards and our technology persists over the time, so the technical maintenance can perform their duties with the highest performance of their installations.

With this end we provide training to engineers, installers and refrigeration professionals based on the theoretical and practical study of the technological innovations and their implementation.