Daikin’s Corporate Ethics are an expression of fundamental values and represent a framework for decision-making.  It is the personal responsibility and obligation of each member of the Daikin Europe Group to respect high ethical and legal standards of conduct in both letter and spirit, whether or not imposed by law. 

These are the 12 key elements of Daikin’s Corporate Ethics:

  1. Securing legal compliance
  2. Providing safe, high-quality products and services anticipating the future needs of end-users
  3. Conducting business operations based on the principles of fair competition
  4. Practicing fair procurement by maintaining friendly yet challenging and competitive relations with suppliers
  5. Respecting intellectual property and confidentiality of proprietary information
  6. Timely and appropriate disclosing of corporate information
  7. Being a company that aims to have minimal environmental impact 
  8. Ensuring the safety of our operations 
  9. Cultivating a dynamic workplace that fosters pride and enthusiasm in each employee 
  10. Protecting corporate assets
  11. Practicing moderation in entertainment and gift exchanges
  12. Maintaining a firm attitude toward illegal, antisocial and unethical behaviour.

Reporting non-compliance through whistleblower / hotline

Thank you for your interest in Daikin Europe’s ethics and compliance program. Your comments are important and we do our best to respond to all inquiries in a timely manner. We are committed to providing an open and honest environment in which stakeholders are empowered to voice their questions, concerns, or potential violations regarding our business practices.

We strongly encourage you to provide your personal information in the web form below; however, you can submit an anonymous comment by using a pseudonym and a web-based email account created specifically for this purpose.

Corine Vyncke
Chief Legal Officer
Daikin Europe N.V.