Government of Spain declared TEWIS SMART SYSTEMS essential business by Royal Decree 10/2020

Following the publication of Royal Decree 10/2020, the Government of Spain has recently decided to limit the activity of non-essential businesses starting from Monday, March 30.

Following this communication we would like to inform you that:
1. The objective of our Company is to guarantee reliable and fast spare parts supply, provide distribution and commercialisation of refrigeration, climatisation and deep-freezing equipment which are directly related to essential business areas (food industry).
2. Refrigeration, air conditioning and deep-freezing equipment distributed by our company are deemed essential to the activity of the main operators of the food distribution industry. Therefore, the activity of Tewis Smart Systems is deemed a necessary and essential authorised service provision as stated in point 5 * of the annex of Royal Decree Law 10/2020 of March 29, 2020.

In the light of the aforementioned, and having consulted the competent authorities to confirm the interpretation of the Royal Decree, we inform you that Tewis Smart Systems is included within the companies that must continue their activity by providing key goods and services to maintain the cold chain and supply of essential goods.

In keeping with our commitment, we will fully maintain our production capacity, ensuring the supply of new equipment requested and keeping those already installed fully operating to guarantee the supply chain of essential goods to the population.

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